Cookie Policy

  1. What are cookies? Why do we use them?

Cookies are small text files websites send to users’ browsers or devices. They record users’ activities and interactions to facilitate their next access and to allow Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional to improve the functioning of its websites and other web services. In this sense, it can be said that cookies are electronic identifiers.

Additionally, we use cookies to learn how visitors use our websites, tools and online services, which facilitates the adaptation process of Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional’s websites to users’ personal needs, improving their experience.

The types of cookies we use are described as follows:

  • Strictly necessary cookies: are essential to a website’s functioning, such as those supporting e-commerce platforms.
  • Session cookies: last over a single session and then are automatically excluded when the browser is closed;
  • Primary Cookies: are stored on the user’s PC by the website they are visiting. These cookies are based on company strategies, such as registration for websites, pop-ups, newsletters etc.
  • Third-Party Cookies: are stored on the user’s PC by websites other than those they decided to visit. They are generally triggered by advertising companies that have partnered with the visited website. They occur through ads, websites, e-commerce etc.
  • Persistent Cookies: are those with defined expiration periods and may last hours, days, months, or even years.
  • Performance Cookies: collect information on how the website is used by the user, identifying frequently accessed pages and/or potential errors;
  • Functionality Cookies: store information about user preferences (language and region).
  • Behavior Cookies: are collected to create user consumption profiles, allowing certain ads to be specifically shown to certain users, based on their likes and preferences.


The main cookies used by Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional are listed below:

Cookie Description
Adobe Analytics We use Adobe Analytics to understand how users get to our website(s) and how they interact with us on the website. Data is used to improve user experience. No personal data is collected, and no data is shared with third parties.
Google Adwords Conversion Google Adwords Conversion traceability cookies help us understand certain actions you perform on our website(s) after you have viewed or clicked on any of our ads provided through Google.
Google Analytics


We use Google Analytics to understand how our media campaigns function and how you interact with our website so as to enhance user experience.
Google (Marketing) Google uses this cookie to know what content you accessed on our websites, in order for them to provide ads based on the content you interacted with on said website(s) and to offer targeted ads on partner websites.
Hotjar Hotjar is a technology service that helps us better understand our users’ experience (for example, how long and on what pages they stay, links they click on, what they like and don’t like etc. This enables us to design and maintain our service based on user feedback.
Facebook Facebook helps you stay in touch with your network through its website/mobile app. We make content sharing more interesting to you on Facebook and may sometimes present some targeted ads based on your interactions on our website(s).
YouTube We embed YouTube videos – or insert YouTube video links – into our website(s). As a result, when visiting a webpage with embedded content or with YouTube links, you may receive YouTube cookies.
DoubleClick Floodlight DoubleClick Floodlight cookies allow us to comprehend whether you finish certain actions on our website(s) after you have viewed or clicked on one of our video ads or other visual formats delivered by Google or other platforms through DoubleClick. DoubleClick uses this cookie to know the content you interacted with on our website(s), with a view to later delivering tailored advertising to you.


  1. What are your choices as to how we use cookies on our websites?

Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional adopts all necessary measures to guarantee your freedom of choice regarding the personal data you provide to us. The following mechanisms give you control over your personal data treatment:

You may manage cookies through the following:

  1. our cookie management solutions, clicking on the button “preferências de cookies”.
  2. your browser settings, to refuse certain or all cookies and similar technologies, or to inform you of when they are used.

Most browsers are set by default to accept the installation of cookies. However, you have the option of configuring your browser to accept or delete cookies before they are installed (as applicable), or even regularly removing cookies your browser installs on your device.

We recommend that you click on the button “ajuda ” on your browser, so you can read on how to perform this configuration. We remind you that if you use browsers, or even different computers and/or portable devices from different locations, you will have to ensure that each device and browser are configured with your personal preferences as to the use of cookies.

If you opt to control your preferences directly through your browsers, it is worth noting that you have to ensure that your computer or portable device settings reflect your choices.

Currently, when visiting our website for the first time, you will be required to agree to the storing of cookies. Only upon your agreement, they will be activated. However, we underscore that if cookies are disabled, we cannot ensure that you will be able to access all our resources, especially concerning cookies that measure audience, which you can deactivate as follows:



  1. How third-party cookies are used?

We rely on third-party suppliers to maintain some functionalities on our website; for example, when you visit a page with an embedded video or a video coming from YouTube. These videos or links (and any other content from third-party suppliers) may contain third-party cookies. Thus, we recommend that you consult the privacy policies on the websites of such third-parties for information on their use of cookies.


  1. Changes to this policy

Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional is always looking to keep up with the best security and privacy practices.

For this reason, we reserve the right to change this Cookie Policy at any time and advise you to regularly consult this Policy, as well as the Privacy Policy.

This Cookie Policy was last updated on 08/26/2022.


  1. Contact channels

To ask questions or address matters related to our Cookie Policy, or even other matters related to Privacy and Data Protection, please access our Privacy Portal, or get in touch with our Data Protection Officer at