Positively impacting our stakeholdersÂą

Our mission is to change our resources so as to positively impact stakeholders by forming recognized and qualified citizens and professionals that effectively contribute to the development of local regions and the country.


ESG (environmental, social and governance) defines how organizations should operate to ensure the preservation of the environment and promote social changes that create a positively impact on society, in accordance with the best governance practices in an ethical, honest and transparent way.

To accomplish this mission, our ESG agenda advanced significantly, as we committed ourselves to integrating sustainability into our daily work routine and promoting material changes for all stakeholders.

Our Commitments


Engaging higher education institutions (HEIs) so they can minimize the impact of their activities on the environment and promoting environmental education among our stakeholders.


Investing in and expanding people development strategies within and outside of HEIs, promoting legitimate social change through engagement programs and the provision of various community services.

Corporate Governance

Developing good practices and acting with integrity, honesty and transparency.

Our Figures

407+ thousand


6,746 thousand


43% of women

In leadership positions


Education Institutions




Distance learning centers

4.8 million

services provided for the community

Our Quality Indicators

Quality Indicator Grade
CC (Program Concept) 100%
CI (Institutional Concept) 100%
IGC (General Program Index) 100%
CPC (Preliminary Program Concept) 98%
ENADE (560 programs) 98%
CAPES 100%
Proportion of HEIs and programs of Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional graded satisfactorily by the Ministry of Education (MEC). In 2021, 560 programs were assessed via ENADE.