Safe Channel

Safe Channel

Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional’s Safe Channel is an important tool for identifying and preventing inappropriate behavior, harassment and fraud, it is part of the fifth pillar of the Company’s Compliance Program.

It is a democratic channel that can be used by any person, employee or not, who wants to report suspicious behaviors and/or situations related to illicit practices and ethical deviations.

All registered reports are received by Contato Seguro, an independent and specialized company, which ensures confidentiality and impartiality. In order to make whistleblowers more comfortable and confident, the Channel also allows complaints to be filed anonymously.

In order for the Safe Channel to work properly, everyone should use it thoroughly and responsibly, always based on the principle of good faith.

IMPORTANT: This portal does not address matters related to the services provided by the Company’s Institutions. In these cases, please contact the service channels available on our Institutions’ websites or contact the Student Service Center.